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What others are saying about Jenell Pluim...

"As I was approaching 40, I finally started to realize that the pattern of burn-out that I had been experiencing was brought on by myself… but I didn’t know how to change the pattern. I had heard the term “life coach”, and felt inspired to search the internet for a Christian life coach – and there was Jenell! For my 40th birthday gift my husband bought me sessions, and there began our journey.

"It’s difficult to communicate and capture the impact she has had on my life. Jenell has taught me how to simplify my life so I can embrace each moment. She has helped me understand that I had been finding my worth by “doing” – trying to earn God’s approval, and she has taught me to find my value in “being”, to accept His grace and love as He intended. Through Jenell I have discovered what a healthy balance looks like for my life, and how to set my boundaries so I don’t start the old patterns again.

"One of Jenell’s many attributes that I’ve come to greatly appreciate is her discernment. There were sessions where my thoughts and communication were muddled, and somehow Jenell was always able to “connect the dots” and apply God’s truth to my situation. When we had finished a session, I always came away with clarity, and with nuggets of truth to post around my home… constant reminders! I was grateful that Jenell had much wisdom from which to draw; both from the Lord and from her own life and family experiences. And best of all, she showered me with the love of Jesus – the ultimate experience!

"When my life took a sudden turn soon after, I realized that finding Jenell had been a precious and timely gift from God – and I will be forever grateful to Him."

~ Colleen

"Iíve known and had the privilege of working with Jenell for many years and have always been struck by her ability to balance a caring, loving attitude, with common sense advice. Her experience in primary and post-secondary education and cross-cultural ministry, along with her training in life coaching, are a winning combination for anyone who needs help seeing their way clearly into next steps in their lives.

"Jenell has the capacity to look at all of the circumstances and possibilities in someoneís life and help guide them into decisive action. Jenell will truly be an asset to this developing field."

~ Robert Auger, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


"I so appreciated working with Jenell during the past seven years. She has a sensitive and discerning sense about her that enables her to give good wise advice. She is not afraid to honestly confront important issues in a personís life in a way that assures them that she loves and cares for them as a person."

~ Baxter Swenson, Missionary and Co-director of Missionary Personnel Dept. of World Mission, Evangelical Covenant Church of America


"My friendship with Jenell began nearly seven years ago when we came to Ecuador to join the faculty of a small bible college. It was in working together that I became very aware of Jenell’s innate insight into difficult relational situations. Her ability to hold, in tension, compassion and truth-telling in her interactions with students and staff alike was quite evident in our years of team ministry.

"Jenell’s contribution to the larger team was necessary and important to the overall health of the ministry and community. It is her interpersonal strength which contributed greatly to the lives of students as well as faculty. Jenell has the gift of listening to others without judging which can lead to greater clarification of the underlying issues and problems. I commend her as a friend, co-worker and helper of all who would seek it."

~ Deb Auger, Dean of Students, North Park Theological Seminary


"Jenell Pluim is one of the most innately gifted and discerning ďlife coachesĒ I have ever known. It has been my privilege to work closely with Jenell for the last seven years and during that time I observed her in numerous coaching and mentoring relationships. I have seen Jenell grow in her ability to give wise and thoughtful counsel to both peers and those who are younger than she.

"Perhaps the most important aspect of Jenellís exceptional ability to give pastoral care and counsel to others is her deep prayer life and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I would never hesitate to seek Jenellís counsel. She is an outstanding professional."

~ Margie Swenson, Missionary and Co-director of Personnel Dept. of World Mission, Evangelical Covenant Church of America


"I had the opportunity to live and work in an international Bible college community with Jenell for a year and she was truly a blessing in my life during that time. She was one of the main people that many of us turned to with our struggles and frustrations and she was always there to listen with understanding and advice.

"Jenell is someone who has a remarkable ability to make you completely comfortable to be vulnerable while at the same time giving straight, honest advice. She has ability to listen and make you feel truly heard. Jenell also has an incredible ability to rejoice with others in the small and large victories of life. She is a woman who truly reflects God’s love and His presence in her life."

~ Annalea E., Registered Nurse


"For two years I had Jenell as an encourager and mentor over me in a stressful and, at times, disheartening job environment. Jenell was the main point of refuge and sanity in my life at the time. When I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or just plain tired, I found solace in Jenell... She was good for conversation, laughter and advice.

~ Andrew H., Seminary student