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My mission is to coach women who are in a season of life in which they are seeking new direction, a fresh start, challenging opportunities, spiritual growth, a new vision for using their giftedness and passions, and that by God's power will help them become more of who they are meant to be, living life in all its fullness.

Brought up in the 50’s in Western Canada, my roots planted me firmly in a lovely Christian family in which the values of hard work, loving God, and serving humbly were paramount. Studying Education at the University of Alberta in the 70’s gave me a desire to be authentic and to break away from musty traditional roles and expectations.

After our marriage, we backpacked for the better part of a year through the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and finally to Thailand, Korea, and back home. This was a life-changing experience, giving me a heart for the global community and a desire to serve internationally.

After returning from our travels we decided to leave our city heritage behind and move to the farm to raise crops, “feed the world”, and raise our children in a wholesome, natural environment. This is where I began my teaching career…in a small rural school of less than 100 students  k-9. My first assignment was to teach a split grade 3,4 and 5 class all the core subjects. Jenell Pluim in Ecuador

Over the years I taught every grade from 2-12, specializing in Social Studies and Language Arts. For ten years I was the curriculum coordinator for a special Community School Program that encouraged hands-on learning by using community resource people to come into the classroom and students going out into the community to learn by experience. I took on an administrative role in my school and was our representative for professional development.

Raising our three children has been both the most challenging and most fulfilling part of my life. Learning to balance a quality home life and continuing to grow professionally, in a time and place where working mothers were rare was a stretching season of my life. I also desired a deeper walk spiritually and struggled to find balance in the busyness of life.

An unexpected two week mission trip to Ecuador with friends instigated the international service that we had been longing for. In 1991 we moved with our three teenage children to Quito, the capital of Ecuador and worked there for two years. I taught English as a Second Language to Ecuadorian and Asian children and Bible to ESL high school students.

After leaving our hearts in Ecuador, we returned to Canada for seven years. This was a major transition once again in our lives as I dealt with breast cancer and a mastectomy (read more about this challenging time in Jenell's Musings). Yet, with hopeful hearts, prayers from our community, and quick recuperation, in 2000, we embraced the opportunity to begin a second career and return to Ecuador to work with Covenant Bible College, a one year school of discipleship that would equip men and women to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jenell Pluim with her husband and one of her grandchildrenI worked with CBC from 2000-2007 in the capacity of office manager, outreach coordinator, spiritual formation leader, worship leader, supervising and giving resident assistant care, and mentoring students and Ecuadorian staff one on one. I routinely counseled students about culture shock and the re-entry process as they returned to North America. I also was the country coordinator of missionaries for the Department of World Mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America.

Currently my husband and I live on our farm in Western Canada assisting our son and his family in the farming business and learning to be grandparents of integrity and love. In addition to my life coaching, I am serving as a worship mentor in our church and leading short term mission trips to Ecuador.

Jenell Pluim brief background:
B.Ed., University of Alberta
Theological Studies, North Park Seminary
Certified Christian Life Coach, Professional Christian Counseling and Coaching Academy
Teacher for 26 years
Curriculum Co-ordinator
Missionary in Ecuador for 9 years
Seminar Speaker
Small Group Facilitator
Spiritual Mentor
Worship Leader

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