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Is Christian Life Coaching for me?

If you're longing to broaden your vision, increase your confidence, enhance your skills, and take achievable steps toward your goals, then yes!

If you desire more from life – in all its aspects – if you want to live more authentically and purposefully, then yes! If you're ready to invest your time and resources to achieve that, then yes!

If you're looking for someone to listen, understand, and guide – while you look at your own situation, make your own decisions about what to do, and then take action steps, then yes! A coach does not give advice or diagnosis. A coach provides guidance, encouragement, support, and accountability.

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Consider Christian Life Coaching if you are:

A young professional looking for vision and innovation

A ministry leader seeking spiritual formation

A young mother who seeks life balance, new challenges, etc.

An empty- nester ready for innovative life-change

Seeking direction for a 2nd or 3rd career transition

A college student looking for career or life direction

Interested in serving in an international capacity

Considering cross-cultural transitions, going abroad, or re-entry from living internationally

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How is Coaching different from counseling, mentoring, or consulting?

Please see the Coaching Services page for additional details.