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What is Christian Life Coaching?

Christian Life Coaching is an ongoing, confidential relationship between a person and coach. Christian Life Coaching is unique! Techniques used by secular life coaches are employed, but a Christian Life Coach knows that passions, life purposes, inner strengths, and visions for the future are God-given and that we must live in accordance with God’s plans in order to find ultimate fulfillment. Christian Life Coaches have a personal relationship with God and know that he is sovereign, and actively aware of his people, wanting to guide and empower them. God is the guide for all Christian coaching – not human ingenuity.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Coaching can powerfully impact the lives of people as we help them more fully embrace Christ’s abundant life.” ~ Chris McCluskey

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Benefits of
Christian Coaching

Christian Life Coaching provides the opportunity to:

Expand your capacity to take action

Learn heart-centered communication skills

Discover and develop passions

Clarify your core values

Find your vision

Discover and clarify your spiritual gifts

Find courage to take risks

Learn to effectively manage change

Improve time management and stress management skills

Set realistic and achievable goals

Learn to put creativity and fun in your life

Learn to effectively relate to people

Build self-confidence

Uncover and develop your leadership skills

Develop a mission statement

Learn to take responsibility

Identify and move beyond psychological and other obstacles

Develop a closer walk with God

Along with many additional benefits